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We're proud to have worked for some of the biggest names in the publishing industry over the years, gaining invaluable experience. This has given us powerful insights that we know apply to all future projects.

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For B92, one of the oldest media portals in Serbia, we approached with the aim of modernizing the design and integrating all sub-portals, while retaining the authenticity that has secured its status as one of the most visited portals in the country. Considering the volume of content regularly published, the quality of our CMS platform was crucial, enabling efficient management of news and content. We were also responsible for developing iOS and Android mobile applications, providing users with additional functionality and access to news wherever they are.

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Arena Sport

For Arena Sport, one of the largest sports subscription channels in the region broadcasting on sixteen channels, the main emphasis was on implementing television programming for all their channels, including show schedules, results, and other crucial information. Additionally, there was a focus on integrating functionality for purchasing Arena Cloud packages. The website was designed to provide users with an intuitive experience and quick access to desired information.

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Color Press Group

For the Color Press Group, we developed portals for Gloria, Story, and Hello magazines. The key innovation was the implementation of a multi-site CMS, enabling the addition of the same news to multiple portals simultaneously. This functionality not only eased content administration but also enhanced efficiency in distributing information across all platforms.

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Sportal News

Soportal is the leading sports publication in the region. They report on breaking news, and live scores in every sport you can think of. The BIGCMS team was responsible for their unique design, as well as full frontend development for web and mobile.

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For NIN, the emphasis was on visually highlighting past issues, with a strong focus on the importance of a well-organized archive. Our goal was to facilitate access to the archive, making it easily available to users. We also paid special attention to the "NIN Award" section, where the focus was on winners and news related to that topic. Additionally, we focused on improving subscription access, enabling clients to have a simpler and more intuitive process.

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When tasked with redesigning Tanjug's website, we encountered a site in need of thorough reconstruction. Our approach was serious and centered on simplicity, with a focus on a large volume of news. Additionally, we implemented the integration of news from Tanjug's news service, as well as photos from their Photo service, providing users with a comprehensive experience and access to the latest information and visual content.

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24 sedam

For 24/7, we developed a news portal distinguished by its functionality and speed of information delivery. We placed particular emphasis on integrating with their video platform to provide users with easy access to video content. This focus on video platform integration further enriched the user experience and enabled even greater diversity of information on the site.

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K1 info

For K1, we developed a portal distinguished by its modern design, creating recognizability and setting them apart from others. Our aesthetics not only captured attention but also laid the groundwork for functionality and user experience. We integrated the K1 portal with Tanjug's news and photo service, providing visitors with a wealth of information and visual content readily available.

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Bloomberg Adria

The leading publisher for the financial sector entrusted us with building their online platform. We developed a platform where they can manage the Bloomberg publication in five countries from one CMS in five different languages.

Euro News
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Euronews Serbia

Latest breaking news available as free video on demand. EuroNews expanded to Serbia, and they tasked us with building their new publishing platform. Besides the web platform, we also developed both iOS and Android apps for them.

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For Novosti, we developed a news platform and implemented a correspondent system that significantly simplified the posting of news from various locations. This system provides correspondents with easy access to administration and news input from any location, improving the efficiency and speed of news publishing on the site.

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