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Custom Design and Development

Fully custom design and development to make your news platform unique. Increase your reader base and improve your customer retention rate with a news platform tailor built to your needs. From the page layout to font, the way your readers receive notifications, where ads are placed and even the way you make money, everything at BIGCMS is customizable.

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Migration from WordPress to Custom CMS

If you already have a news platform made in WordPress, but you want to scale up and widen your audience, here at BIGCMS we can help you make the switch from WordPress to a more powerful custom news platform that can handle greater peeks, is better at making more money, and has better SEO to help with your visibility and Google ranking.

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Mobile App Development

In today’s world, phones are arguably the most important possession people have, therefore it is important that your platform is mobile-friendly. Along with the web version of our News CMS, BIGCMS also offers Android, and iOS mobile development complete with a fully custom design. Together with all of the news apps that we’ve developed, we can boast with over 10 million downloads on App Store and Google Play Store.

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Hosting is one of the more important factors when building a news platform. The news platforms we have on our servers can withstand peeks of up to 3 million simultaneous visits. At BIGCMS we offer three types of hosting packages: shared hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting. With our hosting team, you can rest assured that your website is safe from crashes.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Once your platform is up and running, our digital marketing team is here to help you gain visibility and attract more visitors. After careful research and analysis, together with your input, your brand will be visible everywhere with the help of tools such as Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads Manager, GTM, and so on. Combining those tools with a good strategy they will help you reach up to 34, 000 new monthly users.

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BIGCMS offers various ways for you to make money from your news portal, and all of them are already included in the platform, including banner ads, pay-per-click networks, subscriptions, paid articles, and sponsored links. You can choose whichever strategy you like better, or you can choose to implement them all. With BIGCMS you can switch these features on and off, as you wish.

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Are you ready to change the world with your news platform?